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The Seattle Times

Picking Out the Perfect Pair of Running Shoes

Exercise as a Miracle Drug

Mud Runs can be Good, Dirty Fun

Flexibility a Key Component to Staying Fit

Running Routine is Doable with Proper Training

Hoops, Balls and Wheels- The Path to Family Fitness

Creating Time to Fit in Fitness

Pushing Through the Fitness Slump

Keeping Fit on a Budget

Spring Showers Don’t Have to Mean No Outside Run

Three Machines that are Worth Your Time

Fitness Magazine

Food Fight: The Best Irish Beer for Your Calorie Budget

Yahoo! Shine

Your 8-Week Holiday Diet and Fitness Plan Starts Now

Joining the Plank a Day Challenge is a Great Ab Workout (quoted)

4 Ways to Get More from Your Treadmill Workout

Jillian Michaels Leaving Biggest Loser, Ushering in Two New Trainers


Does Sex Count as Exercise?

Take Your Gym Style to the Streets

Even Olympians Battle Weight Fluctuations

Sculpt Your Body Without a Scalpel

Now That You’re in Shape: Simple Ways to Cheaply Convert Your Wardrobe

Shape Up Your Top 3 Trouble Zones

Can What You Wear Improve Your Workout?

Diets In Review

My Author Page


Balance Exercise for Strength and Stability

Can Yoga Replace Strength Training?

Breathe Magazine

Age Appropriate Workouts

It’s All Downhill: A Training Guide to Your Best Ski Season Eve


How to Create a Workout Schedule

How to Run a 10k

How to Run a 5k

Mud Runs: Down, Dirty and…Dangerous?

6 Athletic Swimsuits You Will Actually Want to Show Off

Decoding Nutrition Labels

Motivate Yourself to Workout After Work

The Tabata Protocol: The Workout You’re Not Doing, but Should Be

Wonder How Many Calories Are Burned in Yoga?

DeBunking Common Vegetarian Myths

The Facts on Food Cravings: When to Resist and When to Give in

Our Top 10 Podcasts to Move and Groove to

Healthy Easter Basket Stuffers You’ll be Happy to Give and Receive

6 Simple Tips for a Quick but Effective Lunch Workout

Kent Fit Body Bootcamp

Don’t Have Time to Workout? Make it!

Lighten Up Your Labor Day BBQ

Top 3 Reasons Veggies are Tops

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    How can I get your fitness dance DVD?

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