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Kelly Turner Fitness Approved

Kelly Turner Fitness approved is an inside joke with my boyfriend. If I eat anything bad he will jump up and point and yell “That’s not Kelly Turner Fitness Approved!!” So I’m going with it.

Part of my job is to play product guinea pig. I can’t, in good faith, tell you something is The Shit, if it’s a piece of shit, no? So, when I get assigned articles about the greatest gear for XYZ, I gotta try it for myself. And every once in a while, I get some amazing things I can’t not rave about. So, eat it, Julie Andrews, here are a few of MY favorite things:

First off: Passport to Prana 

I didn’t get this to review, but wrote it up and would totally spend my own money on it. Not only is it an awesome value ($30 is close to the drop in for ONE class) for the attention span challenged like myself, you can try a variety of instructors, studios, styles and atmospheres. I’m serious, someone local do this with me. Also a great gift idea.

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Q and A: Good stretching Recommendations

Cause it just feels so good…

Q: Hi, I am a 64 year male with good health but not in great shape. I was hoping you could recommend a video on stretching to improve my flexibility. Something I could follow along with in the mornings. Thanks. -Patrick

A: Congrats on working on your flexibility- it is sorely overlooked for something that can have such a huge impact on your everyday life. This is something that drives me crazy: everyone needs to stretch, yet there aren’t many workouts or fitness classes devoted to 20+ minutes of good old fashioned stretching.

There are a ton of great DVDs you can try, but there are also a lot of free alternatives, like OnDemand if you have Comcast cable and on the Internet.

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Indomitable Soles Set Sights Higher Than Just Finishing the Washington Ragnar Adventure Relay

Oh, you thought you were cool cause you got a little muddy during a Warrior race?

If you really think you’re a road warrior, try devoting 2 whole days to running 190 miles, and sleeping in your van, not because they’re homeless after spending all their money on Lulu, but so they don’t miss a step of the race  Now that’s an athlete.

I’m excited to announce the ultimate race of all races, the Ragnar Relay is coming to Seattle!

In case you are unaware, Ragnar Relay is an adventure race, and the next big stop for the series is in home sweet home Washington State. The 190 mile overnight team relay race starts in Blaine, WA on Friday, July 20, and then winds along the coast, crosses  over Deception Pass and onto the coast of Whidbey Island, finally ending  in Langley on Saturday, July 21. All 5 years, the Ragnar Northwest Passage race, Good old Washington’s leg, always draws a big crowd. This year, race organizers anticipate more than 4,000 runners making up some 388 teams.

This. Is. Awesome. What’s better than gathering a van full of your crazy friends and take turns running through the entire state? When one gets tired, needs a beer, or has to check Facebook, you trade off.Teams contain the young and old, the avid athlete and beginner runner, and everything in between. For some, this is just a race, but for others the Ragnar Relay means so much more.

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Q and A: Does Running Reduce Belly Fat?


Q: Enjoyed reading your column in the Seattle Times “Become A Runner One Step At A Time.” Good stuff. I have a general question: Can running actually reduce fat in the mid section? I’m a runner but having difficulty losing my “gut”!! Frustrating.- Steve

A: Thanks for reading, Steve!

This is a loaded question, so I needed more info.  Through follow up emailing I learned:

  • I don’t know how old Steve is, but in his email he made the comment he is “an old man… way old!”
  • Steve has worked with personal trainer at the very reputable Pro Sports in my area and was put on a very strict diet, where he lost weight and lowered his cholesterol significantly. (Awesome!)
  • Shortly afterward, he switched to another PT where the workouts were “solid, refreshing. I was feeling good, but not good about myself. I mean, here I am w/ flab that would fit nicely in a B-cup along w/ an ugly gut. I was eating really good. Eventually I left the gym. Now I need to get back in a gym. And, a pt.”

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Wanna See My Whooha?

Why do you run?

I’m fairly new to running. I’ve always considered myself a gym rat: give me weights, the heavier the better. I think I’m drawn to how quickly you can see results, and the crank them out and drop ’em speed.

Running was never an exciting thing to me. I’ve always been one of those people that wished I enjoyed running, but I didn’t so I didn’t do it. But then one day I did do it, and I liked it and I kept going. Sorry I can’t give you any better advice than to give it a try than that. There was no Forest Gump shaking off his braces moment, I just went one day cause I felt like it, and I haven’t stopped feeling liking it.

Whooha is kindly helping me out with an article I’m working on for, and they sent me their I Run for Myself t-shirt. This is probably the first time something about running has resonated with me.

Some of the reasons that stood out:

Because my friends makes me, or, in my case, boyfriend, who insisted on many occasions that he “teach” me, but promptly left me in the dust. I could only keep up the one time he was in full army gear. That didn’t last long. It was his failed attempt at training for an upcoming ruck march, but soon discovered it’s a terrible way to spend a weekend. I kept up with him the first block or so, though, and was pretty proud.

To be a role model. I don’t consider myself a role model to anyone in the slightest, but because of my job, people are usually curious about my own exercise regimen. People have a weird expectation of me when they find out I’m a fitness writer. Like I should be in the Olympics or something. I am often asked if I run, and until recently my answer would be “Blech, no.” I probably shouldn’t express disdain for something I know to be one of the best things you can do for your body, but, hey, I wasn’t a big fan.

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Simple Solutions to Perfect Poor Posture

Isn’t alliteration fun? Good title, Turner.

Surprising fact: Yes, I am in to fitness, a guru some would say (after threatening them with violence) but the majority of my job, writing about fitness, involves me sitting in front of the TV, on a terribly uncomfortable Ikea couch with a laptop on my lap. I am a perpetual C- shape, with the front of my shoulders often sagging so low I could rest them on the keyboard without missing a stroke.

We sit. A lot. And we do it wrong, so it royally screws us up, causing us to devote hours and hours of exercise just to undo the damage, let alone make improvements.

Here’s what happens when you have bad posture: your muscles and joints become unbalanced- tighter in some places and weaker in others. Thus, the way you sit can change your body- for better or worse.

Sitting with a rounded back and shoulders causes the muscles in the upper back to weaken from inactivity, and the muscles along the front of the body, primarily the pecs, abs and hip flexors to tighten, and further pull the shoulders and head forward. This not only gives you the silhouette of Quasimodo, it can cause pain in these same areas of body, plus headaches, back pain and muscle strain. My biggest issue- tight hip flexors. SO TIGHT.

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Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever, Right?

I’ve been sick for the past 3 days. I thought it was allergies at first, but now I’m convinced it’s payback for some heinous crime I must have committed and blocked from memory. Now, on day 3, I feel I’m on the upswing, because after 2 days of not eating, my appetite is back with a vengeance.

That’s a lie. I toughed it out for the darling boy’s Thanks for Doing Two Tours in Iraq, Now Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the Ass on Your Way Out In To the Real World Party (Congrats, Nick!), and killed half a keg to myself, as well as a few cows and whatever the hell hot dogs are made of. Oh, yea, that’s right.

The sweet tooth hit me tonight after a long shift at the gym (where members were not shy about bathing themselves in hand sanitizer after taking one look at me) so it was sliced bananas, a little chocolate sauce and some almonds. Dessert for dinner. I’m sick. I deserve it.

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Chia Goodness and Today’s Workout

For breakfast, in addition to my daily pot of coffee, I usually just eat some fruit and almonds but sometimes I just want something hot. This morning was one of those mornings, so I decided on oats with blueberries. I’ll only eat it with nuts to add crunch to the mushiness, but found myself fresh out. While rummaging, I came across the bags of Chia Goodness I had been ignoring.

I received a few bags of Ruth’s Chia Goodness a long time ago to try, and kind of forgot about them. I tried the chocolate and remembered not being a big fan, but used the apple almond cinnamon kind this morning on my oats. Pretty flippin good.

Full of dried fruit and chia seeds, Chia Goodness (Two tbsp, 130 calories.) is gluten-free and lactose-free, something I could not give 2 craps about and you will hear why later, bit it’s raw, a good source of protein, calcium, omega-3s and fiber, all things I do give two craps about.

I was trying to think of a fiber/crap  joke to make out of that but decided against it.

Today’s Workout

20 minutes stretching due to my searing neck pain that only seems to be getting worse.

It’s lower body day, so I’m focusing on glute, with low weight and high reps. Because it’s Daisy Duke season, ladies. The 5 pound weights are ankle weights and the 20 is my PUMP barbell.

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At Home Workouts: Better-Than-Gym Workouts You Will Barely Notice

I love the gym, but in all honesty, I actually prefer to workout at home. Perhaps blogging has made me slightly agoraphobic, but I attribute it to 3 main reason:

1) I work part time at my gym, so going in on my time off feels like, well, work. You get stopped, talked to, asked questions, no matter how far I cram my ear buds into my ears and avoid eye contact. I’m not rude. I just like to get in, do my thing, and get out.

2) Over my years of blogging, I have accumulated a lot of fitness equipment sent to me to review so I basically have everything I could need at home: barbells, weight plates, dumbbells, kettle bells, endless DVDs, yoga blocks, etc. etc.

3) I work from home the majority of the time, which is not conducive to getting dressed before 4 pm, and makes it tough to break away from the computer for an extended period of time. I’ll plan to work all morning, and get to the gym around 2 pm, then, surprise! we need this ASAP, so there goes that plan.

I will agree that sometimes there isn’t time in your day to block out a solid hour or two to get ready and head to to the gym. This isn’t an excuse to not workout. Many people also think that at-home workouts aren’t as intense as a gym sweat session, but I’ll let you in on why my at-home workout are usually MORE intense.

Exercise is just as effective if you do it all at once or split it up. I find that when I split it up, I tend to do way more than I would if I tried to do it all in one sitting. Sitting probably wasn’t the right word for that. So here’s what I do.

Write down a few exercises that will make up your workout. I alternate upper and lower body. Yesterday’s workout (pictured) was lower body and consisted of squats, lunges, lying leg lifts, kickbacks and calf raises- all weighted.

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Your Bikini Preparedness Plan: Buy One, Then Wear it

What better way to start the day?

Oats, blueberries, almonds and coffee. Yes, I made that mug in high school ceramics.

Which was fuel for…

PUMP Flow!

I’m about 2 weeks into the PUMP program– I say about because I’ve already lost track. There are just too many rest days and too many 20 minute workout days to keep my attention so I’ve been supplementing with the gym. Even PUMP Flow, which is basically yoga, is only 20 minutes long, so I’ll get in another workout later but it was perfect for the gnarly-ness that was my back this morning.

I have a lot of people asking me how to get in shape for bikini season, to which I answer, the same way you get into shape for any season. Actually, the question irritates the hell out of me and made me write Hugging the Curve: Swimsuit Confidence at Any Size. Take away message: You are already swimsuit ready. If you are hot, want a tan, or are near water, you are swimsuit ready.

However, since it’s coming up fast, I’ve rounded up a few articles to help do it fast:

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