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How Do You Get Fit Like the Seahawks? (And Giveaway!)

Obesity rates in my lovely state of Washington have almost doubled in the past 15 years. 11.1 percent of children and adolescents in Washington are considered obese. Why? Because our children eat crap and they don’t move enough. Simple as that.

Local SUBWAY restaurants are working hard to make feeding your child healthy options a little easier and in addition to their healthier, lighter offerings are taking it a step further. SUBWAY is teaming up with my future ex-husbands The Seahawks to tackle (ha!) childhood obesity with a fun contest that rewards students for eating healthy and staying active. Through Oct. 1, all students are invited to share how they “Get Fit Like the Seahawks“.

“We are excited to broaden our partnership with SUBWAY restaurants through the FRESH FIT Video and Poster Competition,” said Seahawks president Peter McLoughlin. “We want students to share their success stories and how leading an active lifestyle helps them to succeed.”

Just like the Seahawks (Go Hawks!), all athletes have to work hard to keep their body in tip-top condition. The Hawks want to see how students stay in shape. Public, private and homeschooled students ages 5 to 14 are invited to share their own fitness game plan, through a poster or video, for an entry in to the SUBWAY FRESH FIT Video and Poster Competition. Contest entries will then be judged by a local panel (which includes me!) Every entry gets a $5 gift card to SUBWAY, and a select few stand out entries will be selected for some sweet swag:

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Kelly Turner Fitness Approved

Kelly Turner Fitness approved is an inside joke with my boyfriend. If I eat anything bad he will jump up and point and yell “That’s not Kelly Turner Fitness Approved!!” So I’m going with it.

Part of my job is to play product guinea pig. I can’t, in good faith, tell you something is The Shit, if it’s a piece of shit, no? So, when I get assigned articles about the greatest gear for XYZ, I gotta try it for myself. And every once in a while, I get some amazing things I can’t not rave about. So, eat it, Julie Andrews, here are a few of MY favorite things:

First off: Passport to Prana 

I didn’t get this to review, but wrote it up and would totally spend my own money on it. Not only is it an awesome value ($30 is close to the drop in for ONE class) for the attention span challenged like myself, you can try a variety of instructors, studios, styles and atmospheres. I’m serious, someone local do this with me. Also a great gift idea.

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I’m Lazy and Cheap, but with Gaiam, Still Fashionable

Everyone lives in workout clothes nowadays, even if they haven’t stepped foot in a gym. Workout clothes are getting more and more fashionable so women can wear them all day long and not be accused of being homeless. Sweatpants are somehow acceptable if they are stretchy and called yoga pants, and the boyfriend’s old, tattered t-shirts have now been replaced by adorable sports bras and skin baring tanks.

Fine by me: I rarely get dressed. I wake up and immediately start working. Then, I’ll throw on some gym clothes, workout, and go back to working. You wouldn’t believe some of the ridiculous half pajama/half gym outfits I come up with- and dare to leave the house in. When you work from home- yoga pants is dressing UP for the day.

I find people cut me some slack when they find out I’m a fitness writer. You must work out CONSTANTLY, they say. Yoga pants are like your WORK UNIFORM, they joke. It’s motivational you wear workout clothes all the time, they gush. If only they knew it just happens to be the outfit I fell asleep in the night before. BUT- if the clothes are cute, bright and well put together, you’re stylish, not lazy.

Gaiam gets that. I love Gaiam. Gaiam is the O.G. of fitness. There is something sweet, ethereal and calming about Gaiam. Eco-friendly, sophisticated- I feel calmer and lighter just talking about them. That’s why I featured them in an upcoming article on about gym to street style. Why not save money, and be presentable at all times, by buying clothes that can fit easily into your workout wardrobe AND your regular wardrobe?

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Turn Your Old Tees Into Workout Tanks

Thanks Blogilates for the upcycle idea!

Turn your tees into workout tanks with a few snips.

Slut up your workout instantly. Or maybe I just did my arm holes too big.

Either way, this pink tee is seeing the gym again!

Watch the DIY Workout T-Shirt from BlogilatesTV!

(Also, someone buy me this, because I’m in love.)


New Things Coming to Kelly Turner Fitness. And a Killer PopTart.

That pink PopTart may be smiling but it wants to kill you. What’d you have for breakfast? I had and OurSkinny Peanut Butter Protein bar, thank you very much. Keep and eye out for how to win your own very soon!

I’m in the middle of a career overhaul, getting back into freelance fitness writing which is how I started out, which means I gotta get dun, dun, dun, portfolio pictures taken. A nice head shot and some pics for the website showing off my sweet abs and guns. I’m also going to start doing exercise demos, because I’m a big fan of exercises no-one’s ever seen before and videos as well, so get ready to start seeing a lot more of my ugly mug. I’m giving myself 2 weeks to get ready for my close up. I call it the “Practice What You Preach” plan, and it basically consists of laying off the booze and cheese.

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more details!

What kind of videos would you like to see? Need to spruce up your ab routine? Want to see what engaging your core really means? Let me know!


You Better Not be Reading This at Work!

If you haven’t had a chance to read it, please check out my article in the Seattle Times from Sunday: Creating Time to Fit in Fitness

Nothing horrible, right? No tips about locking your children in a closet while you do you Jane Fonda dvd or calling in sick to work in favor of a morning yoga session.

I was surprised to find not one, but two, emails about the heinous, illegal and  irresponsible advice:

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It Worked on America

Enter Under Armour’s hat’s Beautiful Contest where 3 women will become the new faces of Under Armour Women and have their lives sponsored for a year “with greatness, glory and gear.” Just enter your goal and get to work.

Check out these Memorial Day activities that burn more calories than you think. Full disclosure: I wrote it. It’s fantasy, as I will be working Saturday Sunday and Monday instead of wearing my new swimmie and drinking my weight in Coronas.

Why “grilled” doesn’t mean healthy. Check out the 20 Worst Grilled Foods in America.

I hate to say I told you so….no, I don’t. How to get your refund from Skechers Shape Up lawsuit.

The ingredients for this have just been added to my shopping list: Barley Bake with Mushrooms and Squash