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Carbs for All! Pumpkin Pecan Loaf Recipe

Carbs get a bad rap, but in reality only certain carbs should be avoided. In fact, your brain runs 100% on carbs, so if you stop eating them, your brain turns to mush and your mood turns worse. Choosing the right carbs is what is important. White carbs like pasta, rice and bread are so bleached and processed the nutrition is stripped from them. Not only that but they turn to sugar immediately, causing a spike in your blood sugar. I call this the Chinese Food effect: you can eat your weight in Chinese food, feel like you are going to explode, but an hour later you are hungry again looking for something in the fridge. Why? Cause the food is so heavy in sugar and fast burning carbs that your blood sugar levels drop, causing you to crave more food and overeat. Whole grains (not “multigrain” and not “made with whole grains” but 100% whole grain foods like brown rice, whole grain pasta and whole wheat bread) do the opposite- they stabilize blood sugars so you stay fuller, longer and they haven’t been stripped of their nutrients so you get a healthy dose of vitamins, nutrients and the food freebie fiber.

I love carbs. There is nothing better than having a big slice of sweet, delicious, warm carbs and a cup of coffee in the morning. Usually to get this, people will head to Starbucks to order a latte and whatever stale, sugar coated scone is left in the fingerprint smudged case. “It says bran!” you say. “It’s healthy!” Hardly. Just because it has one healthy ingredient doesn’t mean the rest are healthy, too. (While we are on the subject, the multigrain bagel is also clever marketing – it’s not whole grain.)

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could go somewhere and order a delicious treat and know that it is not only yummy, but completely healthy? You can’t, cause that doesn’t make anyone money, so you must make it yourself. That’s the only way you can truly control what goes into your food, and into your body.

TRAChealth sent me some chia seeds to try out for www.sweatlist.com, and by some, I mean 30 bags, and at a 2 tbsp serving size, it’s going to take me a million years to get through this stash. And so…I bake!

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Attune Foods Cereals: Funny Names, Serious Nutrition

Growing up, my sister and I weren’t allowed to have cereal. Wile you may be applauding my mother for keeping us away from sugary, processed junk, it was more because she was a single mom and was pissed every time she dropped $5 on a box of cereal that never lasted to see the next morning.

Because of this, I suppose, cereal doesn’t rank high on my list of breakfast choices- there are always more nutritious/interesting things to eat, and I usually prefer hot food in the morning, but when Attune Foods asked me to review their cereals, after looking at the nutrition profile, I couldn’t say no.

Attune believes “If what you eat is good, and pure, and true to its source, all else will follow.” THANK YOU. I’ve been saying that for years.

Uncle Sam Toasted Whole Wheat Berry Flakes and Flaxseed

Using a recipe that’s over 100 years old, Uncle Sam cereal may look like cocoa puffs, but it is made of only red winter wheat berries. They roll them, toast them, and then flatten them, then add flax seed. That’s it.

Each serving (3/4 cup of cup) has:

  •  190 calories
  • 10 grams of fiber (40 percent of your DV)
  • 7 grams of protein
  • Less than one gram of sugar

It used to bear the title of “Natural Laxative Cereal” until recently, one could only imagine because of the mental image it conjures up so close to the earliest and most important meal of the day.

The name Uncle Sam comes from the creator, Lafayette Coltrin’s side profile silhouette, which bore the resemblance to the George Washington. I would like to comment on the validity of this statement but the actual silhouette appears no where on the box.

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New Things Coming to Kelly Turner Fitness. And a Killer PopTart.

That pink PopTart may be smiling but it wants to kill you. What’d you have for breakfast? I had and OurSkinny Peanut Butter Protein bar, thank you very much. Keep and eye out for how to win your own very soon!

I’m in the middle of a career overhaul, getting back into freelance fitness writing which is how I started out, which means I gotta get dun, dun, dun, portfolio pictures taken. A nice head shot and some pics for the website showing off my sweet abs and guns. I’m also going to start doing exercise demos, because I’m a big fan of exercises no-one’s ever seen before and videos as well, so get ready to start seeing a lot more of my ugly mug. I’m giving myself 2 weeks to get ready for my close up. I call it the “Practice What You Preach” plan, and it basically consists of laying off the booze and cheese.

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more details!

What kind of videos would you like to see? Need to spruce up your ab routine? Want to see what engaging your core really means? Let me know!